About me
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About me

How I moved to Berlin as a Laravel Developer and built a job board

I'm Adithya. I started programming when I was 15 (or a bit earlier), helping out here and there with online Pokémon games. I picked up whatever I could at that point from seeing how web pages work. I remember being fascinated by simple data entry forms having an effect on a game. These days I primarily code with Laravel for the backend, Javascript and React for SPA when I need to.

There were a couple of years where I tried really hard to learn but programming didn't "click". Until it did. I started working on small pieces of pages with PHP and MySQL. This lead to taking more responsibility all through college and learning more.

Eventually with this experience under the belt, it led to interviews call back's & a job offer in India. I worked for a couple of years until my move to Berlin in 2018 to work with Laravel. Full time work took a toll and I didn't want to look at code most days after work, so I lost interest.

In June 2020, I felt a little bit rejuvenated. I learn things best by doing something, instead of only consuming. I had been wanting to pick up Vue.js for a while. So I decided to hack together a website / API uptime monitor using Vue.js & Laravel. A couple of friends still use it to track their personal websites and I'm happy to keep it online somewhere.

Later that year, I was pretty curious on learning Elasticsearch. I consumed a lot of information through Udemy courses (some of them are great!) and I felt an urge to put this to use. I decided to work on a job board with a search powered by Elasticsearch & Laravel. And that's where we are at.

Now in July 2021, my job board in Berlin - Arbeitnow has decent traffic and has resulted in a lot of people receiving job offers. If you're one of them, please get in touch with me! I hope to continue to build on it and help people land offers at companies they want to work at.