Laravel - Remove slashes on JSON Response
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Laravel - Remove slashes on JSON Response

How to escape slashes on JSON response in Laravel

I built an API endpoint in Laravel - a JSON response with a body. When I looked at the formatted response using a JSON formatter, it looked good when I was working on Salary Calculation in Germany.

return response()->json(['url' => '']);

I expected a response like this and was what I saw in a JSON formatter.

But the raw response looked like this, with unescaped back slashes on the JSON body.


I used Laravel's default JSON response helper and upon looking into it, there are options that you can set on the response to escape the slashes - JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES|JSON_PRETTY_PRINT. response()->json() takes the data as the first parameter, HTTP status code as the next, HTTP headers as the next and then options.

return response()->json(
['url' => ''],